October One. Bring the horror.

Daheli Hall and Jared Rivet killing it

Hey so a couple weeks ago THIS happened. Two very talented individuals, Daheli Hall and Jared Rivet, were put through the wringer in the subterranean, soundproof booth where Earbud nabs its screams of horror and shrieks of pain.. and occasionally – certainly in this case – kick ass performances. It was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. It’s always impressive to see people giving their all and then more after that. This particular episode is one of TWO that we’re unleashing on you for the month of October simply because it’s our favorite time of year.

We’ll keep you posted on the titles and release days of course, but in addition to that we’re going to have some recommendations for other superscary podplays you should check out. Because you can never get too much horror in your head when it’s Halloween season. Right guys?

Well, it’s not QUITE a centipede, but that’s okay, you’re not quite human

To get you kicked off, we’ll recommend a classic of our own making, the straight-up horror podplay Shift. Our first release and one of the more terrifying entries. Check it out.

And welcome to October.

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