The Pre-Show Warmup

Art by Megan Hutchison

You know what that is? A couple of sinister looking fiends? Yes. An amazing piece of art that captures the essence and fun of the Halloween season? Yes. But it’s also the spot art for our next podplay, Over Halloween. Yes, the edit is finally finished. It was torture, it was hell, but it was worth it – and we don’t mind going through hell and being tortured if it means something great for you, listener. And for the very first time, we have a limited number of watercolor prints signed and numbered by the artist that will be available for purchase! Ask for details.

Be on the lookout for the release within the next 24 hours. And don’t worry, we’ll absolutely let you know when it’s up and live. We’ll ride to your house on the leathery wings of night creatures if necessary.

But you can’t wait? You need something now? Well, you’re in luck – because here are some recommendations to put in your October Playlist, some homegrown and some from friends.

First, we have our top horror podcasts that you should check out, revisit or share: Bea Little, Shift, Beneath the Basement and Ethan Burrows are the podplays that lean towards the more horrific and creepy.

Second, we have recently become obsessed with The Truth podcast – you probably know it already, but it’s the brass ring in terms of audio storytelling. Real quality stuff. Here is their archive list – go there and check out the Halloween episode they did last year called The Devil You Know. The one about the ‘dentist’ freaked us the hell out.

Finally, gather round the campfire – Campfire Radio Theater that is! They just released part one of a two-part Halloween episode called RIP, but we’ll also recommend The Philadelphia Xperiment.

So there you have it. Tricks and Treats for your ears. As well as a visual tease to get you ready and primed for Over Halloween. (Who is the girl? The house looks familiar too… And what’s with the two… what are they…? Stay tuned.)

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