Episode 12 – Over Halloween

Erika Lebeaux is not a big fan of Halloween – too many bad memories of a pretty nasty one when she was little. So it comes as a bit of a surprise that she would be here to interview the man w ho made the film that’s pretty much the definitive icon of the holiday. A man who is infamously cranky and who, in success, seems to have created his own monster. A man who is totally, completely, absolutely – OVER HALLOWEEN.

And so we’re off on our 12th episode of Earbud Theater. We’ve always liked the scary and we’ve always wanted to do a piece directly tied to the holiday. About a year ago we thought, “Hey, what if we asked xxxx if he wanted to write or at least participate in developing an Earbud idea? Everyone thinks of him when they think of Halloween.” So we reached out to him. He never answered. But through that failed run at the master of horror (well, one of ’em anyway) we came up with this wonderful little idea. We’re super pleased with the results and as always, we have a great, talented crew that helped out with this. Without further ado – THE CREDITS:

Produced by Aaron Drown, Casey Wolfe & Branon Coluccio
Written and directed by Casey Wolfe

Performed by
Daheli Hall as Erika Lebeaux
Jared Rivet as The Director
The Rotting Corpse of Val Lewton as The Monolith
And introducing
Buzby as himself

All songs by Kevin MacLeod can be found HERE. The songs used are:
Gathering Darkness
Gloom Horizon
Static Motion
The Escalation
Echoes of Time

Engineering and Demon Summoning courtesy of Craig Good

Amazing Mind Blowing art by Megan Hutchison. We have a limited number of watercolor prints available for sale email us for details.

Arright, time to put this to bed. Now, you go to bed, plug in your headphones and enjoy Over Halloween.

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  1. / Replyglenn
    Just wanted to say I just finished listening to 911 Has to be one of the creepiest audio dramas I've ever listened to. I've listened to pretty much all your work which is awesome btw but that one totally creeped me out so thanks and keep up the good work Glenn kline
    • / Replyadmin
      How did we miss replying to this? Thank you Glenn. It's one of our favorites as well! If that one freaked you out? Wait until you hear our Halloween Episode mid-October.

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