New Episode Tomorrow!

Spot Art by Kevin Necessary for Nicholas Thurkettle‘s The Sounds Below.

We spent the weekend doing some work on the Christmas episode. That’s right – The Christmas Episode… Suddenly we feel like those stores that stock up on Holiday decorations before The Great Pumpkin has even had the chance to disappoint Linus. Anyway, here we are in the climactic week of our favorite month, so let’s focus on that, yes?

First off Over Halloween is a HUGE success. Everyone flocked to it in the first weekend and we reached benchmarks of downloads faster than any other episode in the sites history so THANK YOU. And a reminder that we still have limited edition prints of the spot art signed and numbered by comic book artist (or just plain artist) Megan Hutchison. This is the very first in what we hope to expand on – a gallery of art based specifically on the shows and available to purchase/collect/oggle/freakyouout. Click here if you want to know more about that coolness.

But what have we done for you lately? Well – the spot-art at the top of the page isn’t exactly an indecipherable clue. We have our second Halloween episode due TOMORROW and, if the recording is any indication, this one is going to be an amazing, amazing creation. Written and directed by Nicholas Thurkettle, The Sounds Below will be the perfect companion piece to all the horror-themed entertainment you’ve no doubt been indulging in this month. It might even be the best.

So stay tuned, we’ll let you know when it goes live. Have an excellent week, people. Something you might want to think about before you take in tomorrow’s new episode: What are you afraid of?


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