This Monstrous Life – Episode 14 – Year End Wrap-up – You are Wonderful Monsters

“I’m Ira Slash, host of This Monstrous Life… Stay with us…”

Well, Earbud subscribers, it’s the end of 2014 which I have to say beat the hell out of the past few years on just about every level imaginable. But hang on a sec, there’s a lot to say and I first want to acknowledge the awesome piece of art from Tuccicursive. A brilliant interpretation of Ira Slash, host of our most recent episode This Monstrous Life. My favorite thing in this? The haircut. So, thank you Liz Bartucci! Liz, by the way, wrote the episode Carl which won an Audioverse Award in 2013.

Oh, Speaking of Audioverse Awards:

Oh yeah! That’s right! Earbud Theater took home the 2014 AVA for Best Anthology/Variety Production of the Year! How flippin’ cool is that!? (Answer: Very). Fact is, these productions could not take place without not only the core group of Aaron Drown, Nicholas Thurkettle and Branon Coluccio but also the people who have graciously volunteered their time, hard work and talents. The cast list of every show represents at least a half dozen people who participated out of the kindness of their dumb ol’ hearts. It always amazes me that people help us out – just because we ask. Wait, you mean people can be kind and generous!? [Heart melts…] So indulge me as I thank EVERYONE who helped us in 2014:

MacLeod Andrews, Liz Bartucci, Vincent Brown, Daniel Bush, Buzby, John Costello, Romi Dames, Matt Enlow, Craig Good (should be Craig Great), Melissa Graver, Daheli, Hall, Matthew Henerson, Matt Hill, Megan Hutchison, Sean Keller, Ethan Lewis, Jill Cary Martin, Tosca Minotto, Monolith, Cornell Reid, Jared Rivet, Austin Rogers, Ashley Russo, Terry Scannell, Kevin McKee Shaw, Joel Strubhar, Jackson Tobiska, Mac Torluccio, Jim Van Over, Christine Weatherup and the University of Texas at Austin Semester in Los Angeles Program!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (And if I forgot ANYONE, let me know and I’ll write up a separate post about them entirely.) When folks such as yourselves do something purely for love of the game it makes me do this:

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Best of Luck in 2015!
– Casey Wolfe

PS – Subscribe to us on iTunes! Write us a review and we might even use your name in an upcoming episode as a Thank You.

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