Migration Day!

(X-Posted from our soon-to-be-destroyed blog outpost)

Earbud faithful, we have an exciting announcement. We are concluding an extensive remodel of the Earbud Lair that will allow us to unify our blogging activities with our other web activities. Before we were using this long, narrow tunnel that connected the main Lair to our blogging outpost, but crawling through it can be a pain. Also, you never know if the rocks you pass are actual rocks or fanged rockbugs. They make good soup but you don’t like brushing past them in the dark.

But we hired a very reputable cargo-by-burrowworm service (seriously, they’re going to get 5 stars from us on Yelp) to manage the transition, and all of our blog archives can now be viewed in their home – The Earbud Theater Earblog.

Check out the main website as well; it’s received a major upgrade that is going to make it much friendlier for your mobile devices and the mandatory brain implants you’ll be receiving next year.

We have a lot of thrilling new projects in the work down in the labs that we expect to unveil before a helpless populace in 2015. Keep watching the skies! Because then we can sneak up on you.

Earblog Home

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