2016 – A Year of Personal Mutations

Hello Earbuds and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We finished off last year with the wildly successful Scary Ride.  Last year was huge for us – our biggest and best year yet full of new content, new listeners, new awards and several organic mutations (limbs?) that have mysteriously appeared on the majority of us in the Earbud Lair.  Sure hope they’re limbs – third and fourth arms would be so handy.

“Well, that’s great,” you say, “I didn’t get any mutations and my vacation is over and I’m back to work.  Why do I care about your successful year and extra arms?”  A good question and we have an answer – our success is your success.  Our extra limbs are- well, they’re OURS, but we’ll use them to deliver some kickass content this year for you, our devoted audio-slaves.  So what’s on deck for 2016?  Well we have a lot of new players onboard as well as some fan favorites.

First up in February we’ll see another release from Jared Rivet – who previously sent chills down your back with The Creaky Stairs.  His latest, On The Line stars Tracy Clifton and Clarke Wolfe as two lifelong friends who are having… ‘issues.’  Earbud regular (we can call him a regular despite his irregularities, right?) Sean Keller makes an appearance as well.  Guarantee you’re in for a wild ride with this one. 

Jeff Dixon (before coffee)

Jeff Dixon (before coffee)

We also have newcomer/writer/horror connoisseur Jeff Dixon who delivered a truly sensational piece called The Dark.  Note the word ‘sensational’ – it’s a deliberate choice and if you’re a fan of truly gritty horror stories, this one’s for you. Dixon makes use of the medium just the way fans of audio-horror hope.

Writer/Director Aaron Woolfolk famous for the CLIFFHANGER (when do we get a sequel Aaron?) episode There’s Something Going On With Sam will be back in the lair at least once, possibly twice – this time we’re going to make sure the lock on his room is secure – with some more supernatural goodness for the fans.

Nicholas Thurkettle (before coffee)

Nicholas Thurkettle (before coffee)

And of course Earbud champion Nicholas Thurkettle will be back with a few choice pieces including a recording of our first ever live performance of Boney McGee that took place in October of 2014, coproduced by On The Edge Theater.  And then later in the spring a time travel opus called Monday for the Sweepers is sure to worm its way into your brain and funnybone (poor, Phil in accounting.  He had to have his funnybone removed, but that’s another story). 

So there you go – a sneak peek at what’s in store for you Earbudites.  You Earbuddies.  You magnificent flock of awesome.  Hopefully we don’t have to tell you that there’s even more than that – you know better.

So let us proceed into this new year with a positive outlook, a hard work ethic and lots of gloves for our newly formed hands (or mittens, if you’ve happened to mutate lobster-like claws (like someone in accounting whose name we won’t mention)).


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