Are You Sleeping?


Tina – Tracy Clifton

Rob –Adam Fox

The Voice –Jared Rivet

Jessica –Chelsea Rickets

Grace –Clarke Wolfe

Produced by – Casey Wolfe, Aaron Drown andJared Rivet

Written and Directed byJared Rivet

Edited and Mixed by Craig Good

Music by Kevin MacLeod

“Crypto”, “Satiate”, “This House”

Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Spot Art by Simeon Wilkins

Are You Sleeping? by Jared Rivet

The setting:  Poolside, July 3rd.  It is the middle of the day and sunny in Southern California.  I am waiting for a group of people to arrive and festivities to begin, but for now I’m by myself.  So I figure I’ll sneak a little work in.  I have a new podplay submitted by Earbud contributor Jared Rivet.  It’s titled “Are You Sleeping?”  Good title.  I figure I’ll knock this out and get some work done before the festivities start.  I begin reading and am hooked.  Unfortunately people arrive sooner than expected and one by one the poolside space begins to fill up – but I don’t notice, because I have just reached a certain point in the script that gives me chills in the middle of a sunny summer day.  I turn my back on the ensuing conversation around me until I finish and then announced I’d just read the scariest Earbud ever.

The setting:  It’s a month or so later.  I wake up, check my emails and there’s one from Jared who had just finished doing some tweaks on the script prior to recording.  The email said he had a nightmare about the very thing he was writing about and that for as much scary stuff as he writes (a lot), that’s never happened to him before.

The setting:  A few days ago by the time you read this.  I’m listening to the final edit – the one just before the mix.  Halfway through I stop to look around my house and make sure no one will be coming home anytime soon, because if someone were to walk in the door suddenly, I might scream a very embarrassing high-pitched scream.

And so, that’s some of the background for what we feel is the most chilling episode of Earbud Theater yet.  We humbly submit that with each and every podplay we produce and release our craft gets more and more finessed.  To put it in more relatable terms, we – like Eric Stoltz in The Fly II – are getting better.  At Earbud we bring you a healthy mix of horror, sci-fi and fantasy and faithful listeners – this is horror straight and true.  Put on the headphones, turn off the lights and try to make it through, “Are You Sleeping?



written and directed by Jared Rivet

Original Release Date: October 14, 2016

Jessica, Grace, and Tina, best friends since forever, take a spontaneous trip to Vegas.  Everything is fun and games until secrets and betrayals are outed.  To say any more about this story would give away too much about what turns into a very long night of sheer terror.  Put on your headphones and turn out the lights for this one (if you dare).  And pleasant dreams…

Starring the voice talents of Tracy Clifton, Adam Fox, Chelsea Rickets, Jared Rivet and Clarke Wolfe.  Edited and Mixed by Craig Good with music by Kevin MacLeod, please enjoy Are You Sleeping?

Music: By Kevin MacLeod

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