Beneath The Basement

Beneath the Basement by Doug TenNapel

Original release date November 15, 2012

We were very grateful to have Doug do this for us.  He wrote the script and did some truly stunning and evocative spot art for the piece.  If you’re not familiar with Doug’s work you should be.  He’s a prolific artist who has written graphic novels, videogames, and screenplays.

You can do a deeper dive on Doug’s work HERE. My personal recommendation would be Ghostopolis and even though I’m biased (part of the team trying to bring this to the big screen), it is one of my personal favorites. I mean look at this – is that a world or what!?

Beneath The Basement also marks the first time Earbud Theater had a technical problem that held up the planned release date.  That’s a milestone of sorts isn’t it?  And it’s a tradition that continues to this day!

Beneath The Basement
written by Doug TenNapel
produced by Casey Wolfe and Aaron Drown
directed by Casey Wolfe
starring the voice talents of
Mike Duffy as Neville
Lindsay Zana as Jean
Matthew Henerson as Dr. Fullbright
Sabrina Stoll as Mrs. Jessup

There’s no better debunker than Dr. Fullbright. You’ve probably seen his website where he offers anyone $100,000 for proof of a spiritual entity. He and his trusty cameraman Neville Dylan have never encountered a case that can’t be promptly dismissed as a hoax, a delusion or utter malarky. But a visit to one Natalie Jessup just might put the real deal right in their cynical laps.