Ethan Burrows Final Broadcast


Original Release Date: July 5, 2012

This episode remains one of our most popular and mysterious episodes.  Frankly, we’re surprised there isn’t more of a “thing” about this, but here’s what happened:  Shortly after we launched in 2012, someone sent us a file – this file – which we thought was a completely edited show.  Normally we’d think someone went too far with a standard submission (we usually get scripts), but in this case, there were no show credits.  The email from which it came only bounced back.  In short, whoever sent it wanted no credit and nothing to do with it.  The team took a listen and then passed it around to more of the Earbud players asking if anyone was playing a prank on us – three regulars (who don’t know each other, btw) all pointed out that they knew who Ethan Burrows was and that they had listened to him growing up.  The recollections varies – Ethan was a syndicated DJ, Ethan was a talk radio host out of the Northwest etc.  But they all knew of him and his show, which was a sort of Art Bell meets Howard Stern dive into typical mysterious shit – UFO’s, Government Conspiracies, Hollow Earth theory and of course Ghosts.  However, only Adam heard ABOUT Ethan Burrows final broadcast.  He hadn’t heard it himself, but heard from others who heard it.  He told us that something freaky happened while Ethan was on air and that shortly thereafter he just disappeared.  And then rumors ran counter to that that it was all a publicity stunt or a F$*k you to the people who were about to fire Ethan for low ratings.

Totally insane, right?  But again all hearsay.  What I personally know is this – when I was researching / doing online searches about Ethan Burrows, I came across a comment section where people were talking about who Ethan was and about the final episode – whether it was real or not.  I’ve gone back to check in recent days and now there is NOTHING about it.  That thread (forget what site it was on) is not visible.  Nor are the ones that mentioned him when he was a morning talkshow host.  WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD.

Take a listen, tell us what you think.  Show description:

Ethan Burrows was (is?) a radio personality who spent the hours from midnight until four in the morning debunking the supernatural and demeaning true believers. Until the day came when proof showed up on his doorstep. Thanks to Adam Lamb, Rees Pugh and Sean Keller for pointing us in the direction of this bit of “found audio.”


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