SHIFT by Casey Wolfe

Original Release Date: June 21, 2012


Shift was Earbud’s very first release and authoritatively planted a flag of how untethered and balls-to-the-wall the episodes can get. It’s not an accident that this episode is terrifying, unpredictable and downright dark.  And we love it.  Written, directed and edited by Casey Wolfe this episode also marked the first appearance of Matthew Henerson who would go on to star in several other Earbud episodes including Escape! (The End of Humanity Song), Beneath the Basement, and his jaw-droppingly hysterical turn as Santa Claus in This Monstrous Life.

Allison Karman, co-stars as Dr. Katherine Block, a budding psychiatrist and single mother who is about to learn that one of her patients exhibits a most fascinating and peculiar trait… the ability to “shift.” Listen if you dare…

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Music in this episode by David Bowie and Robert Rodriguez.