Zero’s Hour

Zero’s Hour
by Eric Del Carlo

Zero’s Hour – sketch by Kasey Dubner

Even though this is only the second podplay Eric Del Carlo has written for us, we are more than familiar with his work. He’s been writing sci-fi and fantasy for over twenty years.  You can find his short stories in Asimov’s and Strange Horizons (among others) and he even has a novel out called The Golden Gate is Empty, which he co-wrote with his father Vic Del Carlo.  Eric was involved with Earbud from its earliest days – the second episode ever, Auld Acquaintance, was his.  He’s returned all these years later with Zero’s Hour and, hell, was it worth the wait.  As fellow Earbud writer Nicholas Thurkettle said, “Who else could have told this story?”  Meaning both Earbud and Eric. It is bold storytelling like this that fuels us. It is profound, moving, and thought provoking all at once.

And it doesn’t just get brought to life matter-of-factly either.  Returning for his second Earbud piece (and second performance for a work of Eric’s) is Sean Galuszka as the title character.  Joining him is David Eccles in his first Earbud appearance.  We have to say both Sean and David brought to life Sean’s script as perfectly as possible.  And not only that – they wrote and performed the closing credit song!

Sean can be seen currently starring  as “Clef Robie” in the Dove Foundation award winning Netflix film CROSS in the ROAD and as “Dr. Lichtenberg” in the thriller PRIMROSE LANE.  As a recording artist and ASCAP award winning singer/songwriter Sean crafts progressive country rock that’s been described by CD Baby as “early REM meets Wilco,” and Kevin Skinner of Rolling Stone claimed his songs, “perked my ears up!”  He’s performed both the country main stages at LA PRIDE and the Ventura County Pride as well as the Off Sunset festival.  Currently, Sean performs live his “songs for lonesome gay cowboys” regularly throughout Southern CA.


Zero’s Hour
written by Eric Del Carlo
directed by Casey Wolfe

Original Release Date: May 9, 2017

It is the not too distant future. Great strides in technology and social progress have come and gone – though not without their moments of controversy.  Take for example the latest tech in homicide investigation.  Now, law enforcement has access to witnesses they never used to – the victims.  Yes, science has bestowed the power to resurrect murder victims (when deemed appropriate or necessary) for a limited amount of time in hopes they can answer the question of who killed them.  But it makes most people uncomfortable, so much so they mask their discomfort and unease by nicknaming the “temporary beings” ZEROS.  And the amount of time they have to live again?  Exactly one hour.

Come now and join Detective Emil Mekelberg and the freshly born/resurrected Alfeo Jurado – the investigation does indeed have profound revelations.  But not what you might expect.  It’s time.  The countdown is on.  It’s ZERO’S HOUR.

Sound Effects Editing and Mixing by Casey Wolfe with an assist from Craig Good

Original music by Sean Galuszka, David Eccles and Dennis Willis.

Additional music from Kevin Macleod

Automated voice courtesy TTSReader

Artwork by Kasey Dubner.

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