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There’s Something Going On With Sam

Written & Directed by Aaron Woolfolk

July 14, 2015

And the award for most delayed podcast goes to… well, Super Bad Day to be perfectly honest, that took two years.  But I’m sure for the cast and crew of There’s Something Going On With Sam it felt like two years!  Hey, what can we say?  You know we work in a cave in a labyrinth in a riddle in an enigma (under a mountain).  It’s hectic.  We barely have time to feed the hellhounds and if you don’t feed the hellhounds, brother you don’t even wanna know what happens.

But here it is!   And what an IT it is!  We partnered up with the good folks at Young Lion Productions and Aaron Woolfolk has delivered his first podplay to us (but hopefully not the last), the creepy chiller titled There’s Something Going On With Sam.  We have some awesome new talent in this one too.  Toyin Moses and WA Steel star and brand new to us the young and talented Rhyan Hill.  We’ve also got some old friends who came back,  Tosca Minoto, Jared Rivet and Daheli Hall!   Spot art was created by Ki Innis.  And music was used by the amazing Kevin McLeod (track listing soon over on our Blogpage).  And last but not least this piece was edited and mixed by the ubertalented Craig Good.  “If it’s Good, it’s great!”  That’s what we always say around here (not really, but we’re gonna start).  Oop!  Hellhounds are barking.  Take care and enjoy There’s Something Going On With Sam

There’s Something Going On With Sam

by Aaron Woolfolk

For eight years Frieda and her son Rodney have shared their home with a friendly and playful ghost. It has protected them, entertained their guests, and become part of their family. But when the ghost suddenly turns nasty and vicious, Frieda turns to paranormal expert Jake to help her get answers. What they discover reveals troubling implications for the ages-old relationship between the living and the dead.  Written and directed by Aaron Woolfolk, Earbud Theater in association with Young Lion Productions presents There’s Something Going on with Sam.

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