Featured Episode – 911

June 27, 2015

On the misty Northern California coast there is a ghost county. It’s not very big. There are a few small towns where you can find the usual – homestyle restaurants, quaint houses, old mansions, shopping centers, and police stations. Except here all the buildings are abandoned, and it has been that way for years. We had never heard of the mystery of Meeker County until our resident wizard Craig Good (who did the sound and editing on This Monstrous Life and The Creaky Stairs) told us about it.  Take the town of Boone, for example. Apparently everything still stands relatively intact except that every house has its front door smashed in. No action has been taken to restore it or any other Meeker County town. If you ask someone from the surrounding area about it they clam up and change the subject. And nobody – not squatters, meth-heads, or desperate people seeking shelter – stay in any of the buildings. (Think about that. Even whacked out drug addicts won’t go there.) The maps were redrawn to just ignore the whole county. It’s creepy as hell. So when Craig said he wanted to do a piece based on the one sliver of a story he heard about a friend of a friend of a police dispatcher, we gave a collective nod. 911 is an account of what happened in Boone Township one bad Friday night a long time ago. And it freaked us the heck out.

Big thanks to Craig Good for bringing this little known tale to life.  Thanks also the many Earbud contributors and talents both old and new!  Tosca Minoto, Jared Rivet, Daheli Hall, Nicholas Thurkettle, Sean Keller, Summer Brooks, Jennifer Wolfe, Rebecca Stockley and the amazing Emma Wolfe.  Spot art by Kevin McKee Shaw!

Grab someone you trust.  Turn out the lights if you dare and keep the telephone close… just in case of emergencies.  Please enjoy Craig Good’s 911.

911 by Craig Good


Welcome to the town of Boone… what is your emergency?

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