Last night, having powered down all the dark equipment that still responds to our commands, and sent all our underlings to their hanging cages for mandatory dream-programming, we opened up the Earbud Lair skylight and were struck by the awesome presence of strange harmonies in the purple-black sky. Something about the stars seemed…right. With a mixture of fanboy excitement and soul-draining dread we looked over and yes, the moon was gibbous; and we knew what was about to happen.

Mighty psionic waves overrode our will, as crashing water might flatten a hill of sand, heedless of the inconsequential grains swept before its primal power. We were suddenly helpless, subservient, reverential, and ecstatic, and from deep within us, a dark, alien speech seized our tongue and we spoke in one voice as vessels for a cosmic force whose very being rendered all our feints at civilization a pitiful shadowplay.

The sounds cannot be rendered in these letters, but in our speech the message we spoke was: “We will release this on Earbud Theater…we will release this on Earbud Theater…” And as a cloud obscured the moon, our minds were our own once again, though cracked like a pane of glass, forever changed, forever on the precipice of total collapse. And this strange new .mp3 was in our feed…



written by Sean Hoade

Original Release Date: May 14, 2016

Down in the ocean near Antarctica, something stirs. A strange, cataclysmic shockwave explodes across the entire globe, suddenly killing hundreds of millions, driving many more into insanity, and leaving all the nations of the world frantically searching for answers. Politicians, soldiers, scholars, and cult leaders struggle to respond as civilization seems to be collapsing hour after hour, while a select few begin to notice a similarity between the unfolding events and the prophecies of a long-dead horror writer…Earbud Theater is proud to share this exclusive excerpt from the brand-new audiobook version of author Sean Hoade’s acclaimed Lovecraft mythos-inspired novel Cthulhu Attacks! – Book 1: The Fear, produced and narrated by our own Nicholas Thurkettle.

Buy Cthluhu Attacks! – Book 1: The Fear at:

The book is also available in paperback and eBook forms, and check out Sean’s website for more of his current and upcoming books!

Music: Pianochocolate Spacetime, used under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License

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