by Jared Rivet

Art by Jeff West

Rivet is back!  

So this one is interesting – as has been the trend with Jared’s pieces, they tend to arrive unannounced.  Just – plop, bang, thud, down into the Earbud lair and he shouts from up above, “Hey new script, what do you think?”  We always think the same thing – they’re a treat.  A wicked but delightful treat.  This one was no exception, BUT … we have to admit, when this one arrived it seemed pretty out there, very ambitious.  Maybe too ambitious?  Jared would be the first one to admit, even when he was writing it he wasn’t sure if it could work.  We could give away all the reasons why there was skepticism here, but that would ruin the surprise.  Suffice it to say we took a risk, pulled some experts from the deep-end of the talent pool, and got it done.  And oh boy does this son of a bitch work!  Thanks to the strength of the writing, the performances, music, and the sheer and utter magic of sound effects and mix master Craig Good – this is a fiendishly terrifying, thrilling, and suspenseful podplay.

What you have here is a mini-epic adventure.  A slice of horror so immersive, you’ll want to listen to it several times over (many of us already have!).  First we have to acknowledge all the talent that helped put this one over, and then we encourage you to turn out the lights, grab some decent headphones, and hit the TRAILS


Written and Directed by Jared Rivet (whose movie JACKALS will be released by Shout! Factor this fall!)
Produced by Casey Wolfe, Jared Rivet, and Craig Good
Clarke Wolfe (Slashed / Collider Nighmares) as Shannon
Morgan Peter Brown (Absentia) as TJ
Tracy Clifton (The Haunting of Lester House) as Kristen
Zena Grey (My Soul to Take) as Beth… possibly Becky

“Dark Fog”, “Lost Frontier”, “Redletter”, “Reign Supreme”, “Ritual”, “The Dread”, “Unlight”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

And that cool opening song you heard was by Folsom Keller, you can check out more from him HERE and HERE.

SPOT ART by Jeff West – more about him HERE and HERE


Written and Directed by Jared Rivet

Original Release Date: June 15, 2017

TJ’s got a new girlfriend, Shannon.  Shannon is beautiful, smart, athletic, and – well – a lot younger than him.  So to impress her, he’s found something he knows she’ll love – an amazing hike to a remote site that is rumored to contain something truly stunning at the end of it.  And it does.  Unfortunately for TJ and Shannon, these trails … are a little treacherous.

Clarke Wolfe, Morgan Peter Brown, Tracy Clifton and Zena Grey bring Earbud Theater’s latest podplay to life.  Lace up your hiking boots, get your water, put on your backpack and get ready to hit the TRAILS.


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