Featured Episode – The Creaky Stairs

February 13th, 2015


by Simeon Wilkins

So it was shortly after Halloween – after Over Halloween to be perfectly confusing about it – that a script fell down one of the lava tubes onto a pile of bleached bones here at the Earbud Lair.  Tabitha (our “Hellhound with a soul”) found it and dutifully brought it to us.  The mutts teeth hadn’t punctured the note on the cover that began, “I know you didn’t ask for this, but…”  and it went on to say some more unnecessarily humble things probably, we don’t know because we decided to just read the script. And holy cow – what a gem.  There was an implied goal with the creation of this, which we’ll talk about more specifically over the weekend, and man was it reached – and then some.

Jared Rivet, who played The Director in our episode Over Halloween is first and foremost a writer and a very good one. Inspired by not just what Earbud was doing, but his own personal history with the audio medium – he wrote The Creaky Stairs.  What he aimed for was the creation of a moody, engrossing and indelible tale – what he ended up with is a classic.

This feels like the kind of piece that an adult will listen to with a mixture of nostalgia and chills – and that a kid will listen to and be wonderfully traumatized forever.  As mentioned we’ll have more about this in our blog section over the weekend. One last thing though, huge, huge thanks to Craig Good who did the editing, mix and sfx for this episode.  He spent hours working on it amidst the trying and unpredictable chaos life tends to throw at us – the time and attention he devoted is more than evident in the end product, so huge thanks to him – you may leave the lair now, Craig.  Enjoy your precious sunlight! Jared and Craig’s collaboration has brought you in no uncertain terms a classic.  So strap on the headphones, close your eyes and begin your ascent up The Creaky Stairs!



Every neighborhood has one. A spooky place where kids dare each other to go – maybe it’s a boarded up house, where I grew up it was an abandoned funeral home (really), for Tommy and Danny it’s an abandoned tenement building across the street.  And oh do the rumors grow – the rumors about the old lady who used to live there and how everyone hated her.  About how mean she was.  About the horrific way she died… and even rumors of a curse.  If you’re a kid you either stay far, far away or – if you’re like Tommy and Danny – you can’t help but find out for yourself lest you be branded a chicken.  Tommy and Danny are about to take the journey you never could, in the middle of the night the two are going to find out what’s inside that building – and what’s at the top of The Creaky Stairs….

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Voice performances by Tracy Clifton as Tommy, Kristy Chavez as Danny and Jared Rivet as Adult Tommy.  Editing and SFX by Craig Good.  Music by Kevin McCloud.  And art by Simeon Wilkins.  For full cast, credits and more behind the scenes goodness – check out our BLOG page.  In the meantime, Enjoy – The Creaky Stairs!

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