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Since 2012, the denizens of the underground Earbud Theater Lair have been delivering strange sonic tales of monsters, aliens, and the terror that might be under your own roof. Our world is full of entertainment, but how much of it truly inspires the imagination? Earbud Theater is run by veterans of the film and television business in Hollywood who set out to show that you could stimulate minds without big budgets and eye candy. They must have been mad to try. MAD.

So dim the lights, turn up the volume. Close your eyes – unless you’re driving. If you’re driving, stop reading this now. Really. Are the drivers gone? Good. Everyone else, use the buttons above to start one of our podplays. Or take a look at the Earblog and learn a little about who we are and what we do. But not about our plans for world conquest. Oh no, you’ll never learn about those…

Let us tell you a story. And if you find yourself wondering, or worrying, or just staring at our strange world from newly un-scaled eyes, just remember – it’s all in your head…

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January 20th, 2015

We don’t concern ourselves much with politics at Earbud; after all, we know the true dark overlords of your ignorant surface world. They’re two doors down and we both use the same laundry room. The stains those overlords get on their whites…man…

But we were playing around with harmonic waves from the banished frequencies in our listening crystal room when, to all our surprise, we started receiving a broadcast of a Presidential Address from our future. Or one possible future, maybe…we need to pay a visit to our captive breeding pen of chaos butterflies to study the situation. In the meantime, though, Nicholas Thurkettle
stabbed a nearby work-study acolyte and used their blood to transcribe the amazing pronouncements so we could re-create them for you. Sure, you could listen to that other State of the Union Address emanating from our common dimension, but this one has more states. And murderfrogs.

THE 2038 STATE OF THE UNION by Nicholas Thurkettle

SOTU Final 4America has endured! And will continue to endure! Well, there was the Great Sundering, but we got over that. We’ve also had economic disagreements. And Centurian invasions. But the President is optimistic, and he’s here to tell you that freedom is still the best, and all those rumors about him are absolutely false. You know the rumors we mean. Wink wink…nudge nudge…robot robot…golden-voiced Earbud newcomer Gene Godwin takes the Oath of Future Office, lays out his agenda, and winds all our stems in The 2038 State of the Union.

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This episode was produced in partnership with John Byrd of Gigantic Software, whose Krystle Becknauld engineered the recording at their own Lair in the diabolical city of Irvine. Our cover art is by Jennifer Weatherup (whoah – talented family!), and the Mixing, Original Sound Design and Music are by the indispensible Darren Lodwick.

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