APRIL RELEASE:  BONEY MCGEE written by Nicholas Thurkettle directed by Aurora Culver

The property management firm we lease our Lair from recently offered us a very enticing expansion opportunity into what’s being called “metaphorical real estate”. The idea is now that portions of the Earbud Lair can defy the normal laws of spacetime and manifest themselves wherever and whenever the proper conditions are set and the correct dark oaths incanted. This is exciting stuff and we got a hell of a break on the deposit, so we jumped at it.

Our first manifestation happened somewhere in the Australian Outback – we tried telling a spooky story about a storm cloud full of ghosts to a koala, but he just seemed kind of sleepy. Then we manifested in that dream you had on Thursday. You know the one we mean.

But our most successful manifestation happened at the Laguna Hills Community Center last Halloween, where we presented the first ever “Earbud Theater Live!” with Aurora Culver’s On the Edge Theatre Productions. To celebrate the occasion, we debuted a brand-new story, performed with a great cast and live sound effects. It’s a little sweet, a little silly, a little undead, and has its very own hummable theme song by renowned nerd scholar Ashley F. Miller, PhD.  And now we can give you just a bite of the scrumptious, not-at-all-injected-with-mindslave-juice apple that was that live experience.



written by Nicholas Thurkettle and directed by Aurora Culver

Original Release Date: April 1, 2016

The Colemans are your average suburban family – two kids, money’s a bit tight but they got a good bargain on a house in a lovely little neighborhood. Their older daughter, Cece, is going through one of those teenage phases – wearing dark clothes, writing poems. She thinks all the boys at school are too immature, too shallow, until she meets…well, we won’t say he’s deep, since he was only under a few inches of dirt. Ashley J. Woods, Jill Cary Martin, Paul Jasser, Deva Gregory, Paige Hiskey, and Nicholas Thurkettle invite you to enjoy a truly Earbud love story – Boney McGee.

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