Earbud Live!?  You bet. 

An Ode to Nicholas Thurkettle

Have you met Nicholas Thurkettle?  Probably not, you know why?  Because the dude is probably too busy WORKING HIS ASS OFF.  We wanted to take time to acknowledge the talented Nick Thurkettle who just entered the Earbud lair nearly two years ago.  In that time he’s written multiple award winning shows and you know what?  They’re amazing.  We find ourselves revisiting a lot of our episodes and enjoy them all, of course, but something happens every time we revisit a Nick episode.  There are layers.  There are lines we didn’t quite get the first time around our that are so sweet and profound they’re better the second time around.  The themes he introduces get richer with each listen.  We gush.  He deserves it.

And this month the hardest working writer we know has earned something unheard of in the Earbud Lair… WE ARE LETTING HIM OUT.  Not forever, Christ.  Hell no.  He has to come back within a certain amount of time or the chip we implanted in his head will explode.  But Nick – who has about a billion things on his plate – said he’d like to have something else on his plate so he single handedly undertook the task of creating EARBUD THEATER’S FIRST EVER LIVE PERFORMANCE.  Nick has written/will write two episodes, direct them, star in some of them, supervise the live recording – and you will be amazed.

The original piece to be performed is titled BONEY MCGEE and centers on a girl who has a, let’s say, fleshly-challenged boyfriend.  The other piece is one you can listen to right now and it’s titled THE SOUNDS BELOW – this one we released last year and it was a smashing success.  October is our month and Nick is King.


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