Stranger in the Storm
by Nicholas Thurkettle

Art by the amazing Kevin Necessary!


We’ve taken you many places at Earbud – alternate dimensions, strange forests, giant robot guts – so when Nicholas Thurkettle gave us a script that was set entirely inside an car; we couldn’t make sense of it at all. Even further, there wasn’t any gruesome violence, no mind-blowing future technology, the car didn’t even have the decency to be possessed! And the characters – just two of them, and they barely even raised their voices. It was just…a conversation.
But is a conversation ever truly ordinary? Think of what’s at stake – all your secrets, your weaknesses, maybe even your sanity. We must need each other a lot as a species if you think about the risk you take in any conversation with a stranger. And when it’s a Stranger like this one…a shiver went up our spine as we recognized a dangerous voice from Earbud’s past…
So thank you, Nick, for costing us all some precious sleep with nothing more than two people in a car, talking about a little idea that’s no louder than a whisper.

Original release date April 3, 2018

Stranger in the Storm by Nicholas Thurkettle

You shouldn’t pick up hitchhikers. But Philip’s got a lot on his mind as he drives through this relentless night storm, so he opens his door to a woman on the roadside. She calls herself a collector, and she carries a little, clinking bag. But what is she collecting on a night like this? Will Philip make it to his destination, or does he even know where this dark road is leading him? One thing’s for sure – picking up The Stranger in the Storm is going to change everything. Listen in on Nicholas Thurkettle and Jill Cary Martin, supported by the audio wizardry of Craig Good and the hypnotic music of J. Van Auken.

Written and Directed by Nicholas Thurkettle
Produced by Casey Wolfe, Nicholas Thurkettle, and Craig Good

Featuring (in order of appearance)
Nicholas Thurkettle as Philip
Jill Cary Martin as The Stranger
Sound Engineering Casey Wolfe
Mixing and SFX Editing by Craig Good
Spot art by Kevin Necessary
Original Score by J. Van Auken


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