Artwork by Kevin Necessary

Artwork by Kevin Necessary

Without question, 2015 has been the biggest year in the history of Earbud. Seriously, it’s getting so big we’re going to ask our doctors if we’re showing signs of mutation, and then demand that they prescribe us Normabone, which shrinks your skeleton slightly and whose side effects include composing dark operas in your sleep and a slightly increased risk of spontaneous brain liquification.

We had the most listeners in our history. We staged our first live show, spreading the insidious madness of Earbud out into the three-dimensional world. We collected prizes from the Audio Verse Awards for our third consecutive year. And with this, the release of our seventh episode, 2015 becomes our biggest year ever in terms of the number of podplays we have unleashed into your ear canals.

It’s fitting, then, to close the year with Scary Ride, an episode that represents something of an All-Star team-up for us. Every wing of the Earbud Lair contributed – the org chart on this thing got so complicated we had to start using symbols from the Forbidden Alphabet, which summoned this slimy thing that’s parked itself over by the coffee machine. We think it’s sentient. It screams like something sentient, anyway.

First off, we’ve got Earbud Old One Casey Wolfe producing and engineering the recording. Regular writer and performer Nicholas Thurkettle, fresh off masterminding Earbud Theater Live (look out next year for his sweet and funny story Boney McGee, which debuted at that show), delivers another one of his sneakily emotional tales where the supernatural is just a cracked mirror showing the terrible things we do to ourselves. One of our favorite and most talented Earbud players, Christine Weatherup, steps into the director’s chair for the first time, and summons a phenomenal collection of performances – she seriously made children scream to get everything she could out of this script, and that made our wicked hearts proud. Anna Anderson, Gregg Brown, Ella Polischeck, Zane Austin, Kara Morgan, and Nicholas Thurkettle were our players, and what a journey they take us on.

In post-production, Craig Good, the necromancer responsible for 911, and one of the Earbud Lair’s most powerful residents, took these raw materials and shaped them into a mesmerizing carnival landscape – seriously, put on your best headphones to really take this one in. Mad Audio Doctor Darren “Murderfrogs” Lodwick contributed a few sonic treats of his own – they’re the ones buried in the mix that will make you lose your mind in ten years. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Top it all off with Kevin Necessary, whose artwork maintains its consistent level of indecent brilliance, and you’ve got a podplay that, in just over 20 spooky minutes, does everything we strive for an Earbud piece to do. So here’s to all of 2015’s triumphs, and to the great and terrible things we will do in 2016…



written by Nicholas Thurkettle, directed by Christine Weatherup

Original Release Date: December 8, 2015

Alex and Darwin aren’t having much fun. Even though they are surrounded by cotton candy, flashing lights, and carnival thrills, they are grappling with the monster they were never warned about as children – DEPRESSING INERTIA. This young couple has come here to ride some rollercoasters, maybe shake up their routine; little do they know that the rickety old spook house they’re standing in line for has something more than pop-up creatures waiting inside for people just like them…So turn over your tickets, lower the safety bar, and dare to enter the Scary Ride.

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