Christmas Eve Pt. 2
directed by Chelsea Stardust, written by Sean H. Stewart


Original release date December 5, 2017


Written by Sean H. Stewart
Directed by Chelsea Stardust
Produced by Rudy Scalese

The terrifying conclusion of our holiday thriller.  If you have not heard Part 1, check it out HERE.

December 24th, 1959. It’s Christmas time at the offices of BB and H Insurance, and you are cordially invited to attend their annual holiday party. The festivities promise to include plenty of fun, games, even a little romance. The decorations are up and the invitations are out… But there’s one guest who definitely wasn’t on the list… An axe wielding maniac known only as the Herald Angel Killer, a crazed lunatic who has been plaguing the city, slaughtering unsuspecting victims. Now, the employees of BB and H are set to receive the yuletide surprise of their lives as this grim party crasher prepares to come in from the snow, ready to start whittling away at the corporate ladder with his blood-spattered blade. So, have a drink. Grab a smoke. And get ready to lose your head on this nightmarish “Christmas Eve Pt. 2!”


Sound Effects, Editing and Mixing by: Shawn Duffy
Sound Engineering: Casey Wolfe
Additional Sound Engineering:  Folsom Keller
Artwork by Dave Rondini

Featuring the voice talents of (in order of appearance):

Jared Rivet as the Narrator and the Radio Announcer
John Stiens as the Paper Boy, Grace’s Father, the Mail Boy, the Gruff Man, Sam the security guard & Cop #2
Katie Skelton as Eleanor Petrie, Switchboard operator and Panicked Co-Worker
Dash Pomerantz as the Sinister Man, Geoffrey, Male Co-Worker and Young Police Officer
Sean H. Stewart as the Mysterious Man, The Herald Angel Killer and Jack Diamond
Fayna Sanchez as Grace Helmsley
Kat Primeau as Annie, the Cashier, Office Girl #1 and Susie
Lisa Summerscales as Grace’s Sister-In-Law, Dana, Office Girl #2 and Female Co-Worker
Sean Keller as Peter, Mr. Monaghan and Exec #3
Jack Bennett as Alan Mulvaney, Exec #1, Cop #1 and Peterson
Matthew Currie Holmes as Oscar Proud, Exec #2, and Bradley
Megan Duffy as Gwen
Ben Begley as Leonard
Mary O’Neil as Elaine
Clarke Wolfe as Debbie


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