Featured Episode – Super Bad Day

April 1, 2015

You think it’s been quiet here in the Earbud lair?  You couldn’t be more wrong – unless you were referring to the one room where sound doesn’t exist and the only people who enter do so to go insane, then you’d be right.  But we’re not talking about that. Every cavern, cave, bunker and chamber (both torture and echo) have been in full use.  Producer Aaron Drown has been diligently refining a story for you all.  Branon Coluccio has been mining the depths of the dark industry for materials.  Nicholas Thurkettle and Christine Weatherup are (I am told) nearing a production date for something called Scary Ride.  Craig Good is about to take a step from the editing booth to the director’s chair with his charming (it’s not charming it’s horrifying) episode titled 911.  And Earbud is also teaming with Young Lion Productions for our next production titled Something’s Going on with Sam.  And finally John Carpenter, the master of horror, is most likely smoking a cigarette right now and knows nothing about who we are or what we’re doing.  I mean, WOW.

But that’s all upcoming.  You want to know about the now.  Well, we don’t blame you.  April 2015 sees the release of what has to be the longest birthing process of any Earbud Podplay ever.  Super Bad Day was written by Casey Wolfe right around the time the first episodes launched.  It is a sibling to Shift, Clang! and Ethan Burrows.  Most productions are challenging – the organization of many little puzzle pieces during a windstorm – but for some reason this one posed even more of a challenge.  So much so that it’s production kept getting delayed until… well until now frankly.  Logistics, casting, recording it all seemed to fall apart several times over.  A thousand-piece monochrome puzzle in a hurricane.  But finally IT’S HERE!

Special shout out goes, as usual, to the cast and grew.  Big thanks to John Costello for his editorial and sound effects work in this.  And thanks to the performers – in order of appearance:  Liza Wilk, Matthew Reynolds, Jim McCaffree (who can next be seen in a Fringe Festival show called Wombat Man: The Cereal Murders), Tosca Minoto and Jeffrey Cannata (currently hosting the comedy show We Have Concerns).

As usual we’ll have more info on the project later in the week in the meantime, know that your day is probably going better than it is for these cats.


SUPER BAD DAY by Casey Wolfe

They know and they don’t know.  Four people wake up in pitch black.  They are strangers to each other except for the common experience each has just had with the worst case scenario: death, destruction, terror and chaos that is, unfortunately, no nightmare.  The only common bond these people share is the experience of a bad day – that they know.  What they don’t know is that for the stranger among them, this has been a Super Bad Day…

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Voice performances by Liza Wilk as Jesse, Matthew Reynolds as Dick, Jim McCaffree as Cooper,  Tosca Minotto as Carolyn and Jeff Cannata as.  Editing and SFX by John D. Costello.  Music by Kevin McCloud.  Spot art by Seamus O’Toole.  For full cast, credits and more behind the scenes goodness – check out our BLOG page.  Easter Egg.

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