“This just in: The weather outside.  It’s frightful.” 

-Ira Slash host of This Monstrous Life


Well, this is exciting.  So last year the Earbud crew and a bunch of amazing and talented people got together and did what we usually do but on a much grander scale.  Our largest cast and one of our longest productions and a hell of a post-production session helmed by the masterful Craig Good.  The end result was our holiday special, “This Monstrous Life.”  It came out mid-December of 2014 and guess what?  Nobody noticed.  Or so we thought.  Aside from a few (much appreciated) compliments, it had a relatively low turnout compared to our other releases.  Coulda been the time of year, coulda been Cthulu displeased with the references.  Whatever, it was kind of disheartening considering all the hard work everyone put into it.  And also? We really like this episode.  But guess what?  Something happened.


Best Original Standalone Comedy

oh and this: Best Actor in an Original, Long-Form, Standalone Production

We were already going to do a sorta reissue of the episode and introduce some new art along the way, but yesterday a delightful email from the Audioverse Awards appeared in our inbox and what a great shot in the arm it was.  Very pleased and humbled that this episode was recognized.  Bonus shoutout to Nicholas Thurkettle for really killing it as Cthulu Jr.  If you haven’t heard This Monstrous Life yet, take a listen.  If you have heard it, pass it along to someone who hasn’t.  Happy Holidays everyone (monsters included).

This Monstrous Life

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