The Mektalos Caper
by Nicholas Thurkettle

Art by Jennifer Weatherup

We’ve just completed another engagement of our Earbud Theater Live stage shows. These live events have taken on a character all their own – whereas our podcast episodes encompass all sorts of moods and paces, our stage events (set at the “Earbud Laboratory for Sonic Possibility and Mad Science”) have forged a specific tone of zany, absurd, fast-paced invention which audiences are embracing. We’ve learned that certain effects and storytelling techniques which work perfectly in podplay form don’t automatically translate to the stage, so one of Nicholas Thurkettle’s primary responsibilities in shepherding the scripts for these events has been to both pull archival stories, and craft new ones, that make best use of the stage.

A side advantage is that hey, we get new scripts! And when they premiere at these events, they get to be field-tested with a live, laughing audience in a way that our other scripts never get to do; which gives us a lot of confidence when it comes time to share them with you. It’s spawned episodes like Boney McGee, Cushing Von Heffernan: Bite Investigator, an endearingly icky kids’ sci-fi adventure called Pete the Creature (which you’ll likely hear next year), and this new piece from Nick, which on the night of its recording session required us to assemble the largest company of actors we’ve ever managed to put in the same room. It’s a great, big adventure set in, well, a great big robot. Pop some champagne for Earbud Theater’s 30th podplay!


Written and Directed by Nicholas Thurkettle
Produced by Casey Wolfe, Nicholas Thurkettle, and Craig Good


Alyssa Elder as Maria Isaac
Donathan Walters as Robbie Isaac
Patrick Peterson as Jameson
Ashley Nelson as Doris
Victoria Martinez as Luma
Nicholas Thurkettle as A Scientist
Deva Marie Gregory as Another Scientist, Billy the Boy on Tour, and Blammo the Talking Bomb
Barney Crow as An Embarrassed Father
and introducing Mektalos Superior, as himself

MUSIC by Darren T. Lodwick
SPOT ART by Jennifer Weatherup

And SPECIAL THANKS to one hell of a lifeline call we were able to make to perhaps one of the best people on Earth to ask about the noises made by giant robots. But to find out who, you’ll have to listen…


The Mektalos Caper
Written and Directed by Nicholas Thurkettle

Original Release Date: July 21, 2017

The human race sure got lucky the day Mektalos Superior arrived. Not only did the giant alien robot fail in his mission to annihilate and conquer us, but his collapsed remains now house one of the most popular tourist attractions on the planet. See real scientists researching his innards! Visit the solemn memorial to the small town his 700-foot-tall body crushed! Get a penny stamped at the penny-stamp-y thing in the gift shop! Or, if you’re like husband-and-wife thieves Robbie and Maria Isaac – slip away from your tour group and try to pull off the heist of the millennium! It’s a tricky job; but they’ve got someone on the inside ready to help. Join Alyssa Elder, Donathan Walters, Patrick Peterson, Ashley Nelson, Victoria Martinez, Deva Marie Gregory, Nicholas Thurkettle, Barney Crow, and one very special (and very tall) guest star on a treasure hunt literally inside a robot world – The Mektalos Caper.



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