BUBBLES by Nicholas Thurkettle

This one was a departure for Earbud.  Rather than a straight Audio Drama, we went for something that might be referred to as an “Enhanced Narrative.”  What that really means is that this is a reading of a short story with some audio effects layered in on it. But here’s the thing – genius Nicholas Thurkettle (the man behind the recent phenomenon Earbud Live! and creator of numerous Earbud Podplays) had written something that absolutely fell in line with the tone of what we do here at Earbud.  A little bit of science, a little bit of fiction, and a whole lot of heart.  This is a great one to kick back to and it gets you where it counts thanks to the combination of Nick’s Storytelling and a great performance by John Walcutt.   Oh, and if you like this story, you can actually purchase a collection of it and other Nicholas Thurkettle stories HERE.

BUBBLES by Nicholas Thurkettle

Original Release Date: January 5, 2015

You’re sitting on a porch. A gentle breeze is blowing. A friendly neighbor talks your ear off about this neighborhood you’ve just moved into. It’s a sweet place. They bake fresh pies here, and children still go to play in the park. There’s also that government lab…ever since they started up, there have been some side effects in town that you oughtta know about. The magnificent John Walcutt spins us a little yarn about coffee, the Universe, time, and his dear ol’ Dad in Bubbles.

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