Enter The Dark

Enter The Dark
by Jeff Dixon

Our first podplay of Season 6.  This one comes from screenwriter Jeff Dixon (he of the soon-to-be classic Hurricane Heist!).  It may be the longest production of an episode ever in that our jammed workflow kept it from getting done in 2017 – but, as they say, good things come to those who wait!  Listeners – it is with no exaggeration to say that this is audio horror at its finest.  We experienced it first hand.  The weird thing is that we read the script, so we knew what was going to happen.  We recorded the performances, hell, we even took a first pass at editing so we KNEW what was going to happen.  But when it came time to listen to the finished product, and what happened happened… it STILL freaked us out.  Clearly a sign of an effective episode.  We’re very proud to finally share this one with you.
Enjoy “Enter The Dark!

Original release date March 6th, 2018

Enter The Dark by Jeff Dixon

It is Damon’s birthday today and his friends have decided not to go with some boring standard gift.  The good friends they are, they’re going to give Damon the best gift of all – an experience.  Something he’ll never forget.  One thing is guaranteed, they never have and never will see anything like this again.  Earbud Theater invites you to – Enter The Dark!

Written and Directed by Jeff Dixon
Produced by Casey Wolfe, Craig Good, and Jeff Dixon

Featuring (in order of appearance)
Jared Rivet as AJ
Samm Levine as Damon
Lindsay Lamb as Nikki
Tracy Clifton as Regina
Mixing and Editing by Craig Good
Spot art by Todd Oberndorfer
Music by
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License